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Construction Companies Dubai - List of Construction Companies in Dubai with Contact Details, Location Map, Reviews and Company Profile.
Construction Companies Dubai - List of Construction Companies in Dubai with Contact Details, Location Map, Reviews and Company Profile.

Top Construction Companies in Dubai : List of Construction Companies in Dubai UAE

Dubai Companies List : Dubai companies list directory is your source to find and connect with local companies in Dubai UAE. Find businesses and companies in Dubai by name or category. Search for local businesses in Dubai by name to quickly find their yellow pages listings with basic company contact details, email addresses and location maps, plus any additional time and money saving features, such as coupons, video profiles or online reservations.

Top Construction Companies in Dubai

Top Construction Companies in Dubai UAE – Construction Companies in Dubai UAE. Get comprehensive list of construction companies in Dubai UAE. Construction companies in Dubai involves the planning, design, construction, and post construction phases for buildings of all kinds. This occupation encompasses components like quality, time, scope, and cost. Details are everything in this business, and construction managers make sure all details are addressed to ensure the best possible project outcome. Construction companies in Dubai control the pace and scope of the work, scheduling, optimum use of funds, and flexibility in procurement. By overseeing these aspects and more, the construction company can help avoid costly delays and disputes that may hamper a construction job. From original concept to construction completion, comprehensive construction management efforts can help ensure the smooth flow of a job. Other tasks of a construction manager include coordinating the efforts between contractors, engineers, designers, and architecture professionals.

Also sticking to the budget and keeping track of financial costs, staying on time within the schedule, making sure structures and buildings are up to code, and ensuring the project adheres to quality and safety standards regarding materials. Construction managers, often self-employed, can be hired for all sorts of residential, commercial, and industrial projects, from roads and bridges to homes and schools. They may work on new construction or remodels and renovations. Their job is to oversee, organize, implement, and coordinate all design and construction processes The also need to watch over specialty trade contractors, such as carpentry, electrical, general, and plumbing contractors. They often work closely with designers and engineers on a daily basis. Construction companies, corporations, business owners, and home owners interested in hiring a construction manager can consult with their local contractor for referrals and information, or they can head to the web to learn more about what is involved. The phone book also features local listings of construction management firms where customers can get estimates.

Construction Companies in Dubai have a wide range of clients and are renowned globally. They are known for completing the projects on time, within the budget. They have expertise in a number of construction projects, from skyscrapers to industrial buildings. Most companies in Dubai apply latest technologies for the construction work. They use state-of-the–art construction equipment which is operated by qualified machine operators. The companies take care of all work from hiring, mixing to the construction. They also take care of health, safety and environmental issues at the site. Construction is a highly competitive and lucrative sector in this region, which has resulted in more completion among the companies.

Construction Companies in Dubai

List of Construction Companies in Dubai – Comprehensive list of construction companies, suppliers, manufactures, dealers and distributors in Dubai with company names, company profile, contact details, telephone numbers, email addresses, websites, location map, driving directions, deals, offers, prices, costs, reviews and ratings.

1. Abaj Cont LLC

Abaj Cont LLC
Address & Location: Al Fahidi Bldg, Al Qusais, Dubai
P.O.Box: 119037, Dubai
Tel: +971 4-2632255
Website: http://www.abaj.ae/

2. Hi-tech Steel Industries LLC

Hi-tech Steel Industries LLC
Address & Location: Near Jotun Paints, Opp Bartawi, Al Quoz 2, Dubai
P.O.Box: 8054, Dubai
Tel: +971 4-3384433
Website: http://www.hitechgroupuae.com

3. Dubai Walls Constructions LLC

Dubai Walls Constructions LLC
Address & Location: 102, Pharmacy Building, Al Nahda 2, Al Qusais, Dubai
P.O.Box: 87917, Dubai
Tel: +971 4-2207844, 055-1056456/1056445
Website: http://www.dxbwalls.com/

4. Capriole Construction Company LLC

Capriole Construction Company LLC
Address & Location: 1607, Concord Bldg, DMC, Dubai
P.O.Box: 81103, Dubai
Tel: +971 4-4364022
Website: http://www.capriole-construction.com/

5. Charminar Contracting LLC

Charminar Contracting LLC
Address & Location: 109, Al Ansari Bldg, Al Khabeesi St, Port Saeed, Deira, Dubai
P.O.Box: 56449, Dubai
Tel: +971 4-2327326
Website: http://www.charminardubai.com/

6. Tinka Contracting LLC

Tinka Contracting LLC
Address & Location: 402, Bin Soughat Bldg, Salahuddin St, Near Reef Mall, Deira, Dubai
P.O.Box: 99064, Dubai
Tel: +971 4-2506633
Website: http://www.tinkacontracting.com/

7. 888 Repairing & Rental Bldg Machinery

888 Repairing & Rental Bldg Machinery
Address & Location: Al Aweer, Dubai
P.O.Box: 6388, Dubai
Tel: +971 4-3331016

8. A B Building Contg Company LLC

A B Building Contg Company LLC
Address & Location: 22 & 23, Sheikha Fatima Bldg, Al Dhiyafa St, Satwa, Dubai
P.O.Box: 24882, Dubai
Tel: +971 4-3312545

9. A Ccrdfied Company

A Ccrdfied Company
Address & Location: Concord Tower, Media City, Dubai
P.O.Box: 17439, Dubai
Tel: +971 4-4409800
Website: http://www.redsearemoteslte.com/

10. A F G Middle East FZE

A F G Middle East FZE
Address & Location: Dubai Silicon Oasis, Dubai
P.O.Box: 341070, Dubai
Tel: +971 4-3724042
Website: http://www.forster-profile.ch/

Construction Companies Dubai Location Map

Construction Companies in Dubai

List of Construction Companies Dubai – Construction Companies, Agents and Construction Companies in Dubai UAE. Get comprehensive list of Construction Companies in Dubai UAE. Dubai business directory is an online marketplace that helps you list as well as find; suppliers, retailers, exporters, importers, agents, distributors, manufactures, service providers and local companies providing Offsite Construction in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Construction companies in Dubai utilize a wide variety of tradesmen in order to complete a myriad of projects. Homeowners, business owners, drivers, and many other citizens rely on the work of tradesmen in the construction industry.

Ironwork – All buildings need a strong foundation, especially those tall skyscrapers that we admire in the cities. Ironworkers use steel and concrete to create incredibly durable foundations for these large buildings. You also see ironworkers constructing bridges. Often their job takes them high off the ground as they prepare foundations for city bridges and buildings.

Planning the Project – A draftsman is an individual who helps to plan construction projects by drawing the blueprints that will be followed by all the other contractors. The accuracy of these blueprints is incredibly precise and a draftsman often works with the general contractor to double check that measurements are correct.

Carpentry Work – Carpenters work with wood and complete a wide variety of necessary projects. You’ll find some creating molds which will be used for pouring concrete as well as framing the walls and roof of the building. Along with framing comes the installation of doors and windows. Some carpenters do specialty work such as installing trim and molding, while others install cabinetry in the kitchen, bathrooms, and other areas of a home.

Roof and Siding – Before the inside of the building can be completed, it has to be “dried in” with the roof and siding. Roofers work with shingles made from a wide variety of materials. Many large warehouse type buildings use metal roofing materials, while homes and smaller office buildings choose other materials that are durable but better able to conceal noise. Siding also comes in a variety of materials – vinyl, metal, and others.

Electrical and Plumbing Work – Every structure needs electricity. Before the walls go up, construction companies hire an electrician to install wires that run from the building’s main source of energy to various outlets and appliances throughout the structure. A plumber will also come at this time to install the necessary pipes for showers, bathrooms, kitchen sinks, and water fountains. The appliances will be added later.

Drywall Experts – Once the frame of the home or business building is complete, it’s time to watch the inside come to life! Homes and office buildings typically consist of many different rooms, hallways, and closets. These rooms are separated from each other by several walls created by drywall board.

Finishing Touches – Several professionals complete the finishing touches on a home or business building. At this time, plumbing and electrical work is finished. Also, flooring must be installed. Office buildings typically have the same type of flooring throughout the entire structure, but homes can be more complicated. The kitchen and bathroom flooring may be linoleum or tile, while the other rooms are a combination of carpet and hardwood. There are many different options! Another finishing touch is the painting. The colors add personality and ambiance to both office buildings and homes. As you can see, there are many different aspects to creating a new building. Construction companies in Dubai will often hire individuals from each field so they have an established team to complete their projects.

Types of Construction Companies in Dubai

While there are several types of construction projects, most of them fall into one of two categories: Building Construction and Industrial Construction. They can overlap, however each type requires its own process- including planning, designing, and executing (not to mention the different necessary permits).

Building construction projects account for the vast majority of the construction industry. While most of these are smaller projects (additions and renovations), they also include larger ones such as the construction of a skyscraper. The first type of building construction is commercial construction. This includes construction for business use- skyscrapers, banks, gas stations, hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, etc. Obviously, these are generally more expensive and time-consuming than residential construction. Commercial construction is rarely done without hiring a construction company as it often requires not just working with, but simply having access to heavy, dangerous machinery.

Residential construction is the other type of building construction and includes apartments, condos, town-homes, dormitories, nursing homes, and any other establishment built for residents to live in. Residential units require many different regulations and codes than commercial construction, as they will be used in a much different manner. Because these are smaller projects and budgets, construction companies often don’t have the same type of resources for residential projects. These projects are often dictated by the types of building material available in the area, which is why wood is by far the most popular. Depending on the scope of the project, many residents choose to undertake the construction process on their own. This can save a ton of money, but can be quite time-consuming and even dangerous. A consultant for construction projects can help with any of these.

Industrial construction is much less frequent, yet still very important to the industry. These types of projects (which often include factories, power plants, mills, refineries, etc.), are usually undertaken by larger construction companies on behalf of larger corporations. The main reason that these types of projects are handled by large companies is that they often require a variety of construction knowledge. While safety is always a concern during any construction project, it is especially important during an industrial project as any flaw in the design can provide for a dangerous situation down the road. For this reason, industrial construction generally requires more planning as well as teamwork. There will often be dozens of laborers working on these projects, requiring effective communication and collaboration throughout.

Choosing the Right Construction Company in Dubai

The single most deciding factor as to whether or not a home remodeling project is executed to the best of its ability is whether the right construction company is chosen. Remodeling companies employ a variety of construction of professionals and qualified contractors that should be able to complete the home remodeling task placed in front of them competently. Unfortunately, sometimes the homeowner chooses the wrong remodeling contractor for their particular situation. When the remodeling company and home remodeling project do not mesh, the process can be time consuming, full of mistakes, costly, and completed work may be substandard.

People that do not have a large amount of experience with the construction industry may decide to go with the cheapest reputable remodeling company. Even though budget is always an important part of home remodeling, it is important to do deeper research before settling on the remodeling contractor that is best for the wallet. It is important that the work be done correctly the first time. Sometimes a cheap price can mean cheap work, which in the end, will cost more money to have redone or corrected.

Another problem with this method is that many people have a different idea of reputable entails. The former clients of a specific remodeling company may mention that the overall experience was good, a strong client-company relationship was present, and the remodeling contractors conducted themselves in a very professional manner. These are all very common pieces of positive feedback. This type of feedback does not mention anything about the actual work being performed though.

Find a Contractor with Prior Experience in Similar Projects – A reputable remodeler simply may not have the expertise required to complete a specific home remodeling job in time and on budget. A project owner should take the time to locate a construction company with qualified contractors who have completed similar projects. This experience will be vital to the work being done quickly and accurately. This is also where referrals and references come in. Taking the time to listen to referrals and interview all provided references can save a lot of time and hassle when finding the right construction company.

Focus on stable remodeling companies. Some key signs of stability are that there are quite a few references available and the company has been in active business for at least five years. Reliable remodeling companies should also have the resources necessary to take care of any required permits. It is also important that all remodeling contractors working have insurance available. This is to help protect the homeowner as well as well the home remodelers.

The staff at a good construction company will also be able to identify and take care of any environmental concerns that may be associated with the renovation project. Occasionally a project owner may come across a qualified remodeler that just seems like the best choice out there. When this happens, it is still important to do any necessary research on the remodeling company. A project owner should hire the firm and not just the individual. When it comes to completing any sort of remodeling project, a full team of knowledgeable people is necessary not just one amazing one.

Types of Construction Contracts

The management of a company plays an important role in taking the decisions in an organization. The management of a company is responsible for the success or failure of the decisions. Even before the project initiation, there are lots of steps that are carried out by the management of a company. The steps may involve preparation of reports such as analysis and estimation reports. The management has to take the board approval from various boards and departments again. The management may have to prepare fully fledged reports. After preparation of various fully fledged reports, the employers are called. Here employers can also be described as contractors. Then the employers will submit the tender related documents.

Then various kinds of discussions will be held between the management and the contractors such as price negotiation, work experience and after showing various work experience certificates. Single or multiple employers are chosen to work on a specific package, specification or a contract. The employer has to complete the carious formalities before starting to work on the contract. The construction contracts are of three types. The types of contracts may be different in various countries. There are three types of contracts, these contract types may vary based on the country, based on the market type. The three types of contracts are total turnkey, discrete turnkey and non turnkey contracts.

Total Turnkey Contract – In this type of contract, the contractor is completely responsible for everything. The responsibilities may include submitting the design documents; process the engineering which may include erection, re-design, testing using various testing techniques. The responsibility also includes supply of various equipment or material at the construction site, installing the material and as described earlier, testing the installed or erected material, commissioning and demonstrating the performance of the erected material and handling over everything that is performance tested successfully to the management of the company. Then the management will approve the payments to the contractor.

Discrete Turnkey Contract – This type of contract is different from the other two contracts. In the discrete turnkey contract, the design, engineering, supply of the material or the equipment, erection of equipment, commissioning the equipment is done by a single agency. The management of the company or the employer will appoint other contractors to carry out the construction work. Here, the drawings may be given by the management themselves based on the supply of the equipment by the contractor. The management is also involved in approving the drawings if any submitted by the contractor.

Non-Turnkey Contract – This type of contract is completely different from the other two contracts. Basically, the non turnkey contracts are also called as the item rate contracts in which the drawings may be prepared and given by the management of the company of the drawing consultant if any employed by the management of the company. The contractor will only work based on the drawings given to him. The non-turnkey contracts mostly involve the civil and structural contracts.

About Companies in Dubai : Dubai Companies List

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